Hi! I’m Sophie Pria Williams,
17-years-old ad living in Melbourne, Australia
In my opinion I should have been in the 50’s.
I’ve never really felt that the 21st century is for me but hell who am I to decide fate.
-The reason for me naming my blog “the change” is because there isn’t one particular thing so far in my life that I’ve stuck too.

I want to go backpacking everywhere to see amazing and new things and experience the beauties of nature.
I have a beautiful 8-year-old puppy and a mental cat.
If I didn’t have my pets I would be way out of my house
I’m in year 11 at the moment and next year going overseas to France on exchange for a year to study culture, learn the language and just have an awesome time!
I’m not to sure what I really want to do for a future career probably something that involves traveling and helping people.
My main goal in life is to be happy and make everyone around me feel as equally!
ENJOY and teach-what-has-not-been-taught